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Easy Ways to Save

Max C. Bingman - Tuesday, August 09, 2016
Do you always feel like you are pinching pennies? Think there is no room in your budget for saving? Step back and take a good look at your finances, if you look close enough, you’re bound to find a few extra pennies.

Still Using Cable? How many channels do you really watch? Think about switching to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. You could easily save up to $100 by cutting the cable umbilical cord.

Do the People at Starbucks Know Your Name? While it may only seem like a dollar here and there, premium coffee drinks can add up and chances are, your employer offers free coffee! Think about this…if you gave up that fancy coffee drink in 6 months you could buy a new iPad! Check out a coffee calculator to find out how much you can save.

Don’t Get Stuck with Late Fees. If you are always getting dinged with late fees, set yourself up for success with automatic payments or a reminder system that lets you know when bills are due. Not only do late payments hurt your credit, they could result in higher interest rates. Not all late fees are from bills, be sure to return rental DVDs and library books in a timely manner as well.

Save Money on Food. Dining out should be a treat, not a way of life. If you think you are too busy to cook more at home, think again. There are lots of simple nutritious meals that can be cooked quicker than the time it would take you to drive to a food joint and wait for your order. Check the Internet for a plethora of crockpot recipes. Most crockpot meals require little preparation and will provide a great lunch the next day…another way to save!

Shop With a Plan. Your grocery bill an easily go from $100 to $150 if you don’t shop with a list. Create a menu plan for the week listing all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare those meals. Then factor in all the extras you’ll need, lunch items, pet food and other odds and ends. Limit convenience foods and single serve packaging which often cost more. Be sure to use coupons only for items you’ll actually use and maximize your savings by using a couponing website like Coupon Mom.

Avoid Impulse Buys. Whenever you go to purchase an item that’s a want not a need, wait! Give yourself a 2 week period to think about the purchase to see if you still want that item. You may find the urge to buy has passed or you can spend that time searching for the best price! Either way you’ll end up saving!

These are just a few suggestions for saving. Do an audit of your finances to find where you are spending and other ways to save. Use the Internet to find more options for frugal living. There are lots of great sites that can save you a buck, here are a few to get you started:


Thank you for guiding me toward financial success in my retirement. My investments have done well and I am quite pleased with the results. Investments for You, Inc., is a company I trust and I am confident in my financial future . . . thanks to you.

Best regards from an appreciative investor.


—J Horton

Max helped us save enough money to send my daughter to college even though we didn't get started until she was in high school.

—L Shepard


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