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Long Term Care

Protect you and your assets by making your Long Term Care insurance a part of your financial plan. It’s tough to think about a time when you might not be able to care for yourself, but our policies can put those worries at ease by ensuring financial stability for provided care.

Long Term Care planning can mean living longer in your own home.

When your grandparents needed long-term care, it most likely meant going to a nursing home. Nowadays, there are many so many options for receiving care that it's worth it to consider the difference it can make for you and your loved ones. Long term care planning can help with the daily expenses that aren't covered by health insurance or Medicare. It can be the difference between staying in your home longer, or, if you do need to move to a nursing facility, it can be the reason your spouse can stay in your family home.

We can help you by putting together a strategy to help you and your family protect your assets and/or have more choices for receiving care when the time comes.

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Max helped us save enough money to send my daughter to college even though we didn't get started until she was in high school.

—L Shepard
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